My Home’s Rich Heritage

Apr 27, 2020 Diary entry: Now some people live in a home their entire lives and they never know the history of their house, the house Paulie lives in has a rich history indeed, John Dillinger once used my house as a hideout for him and his mob, it’s fascinating, now as you are all aware, Dillinger loved the movies, especially first day releases and matinees, the cops knew that movies were Dillinger’s weakness, and one afternoon, on returning from a screening of Old Yeller, the cops ambushed Dillinger from the bushes in the front yard, a famous shootout took place on a lazy late June afternoon in Indiana and I still have bullet holes in my door from Dillinger’s American Bulldog .38 revolver; I still have the antique copper bathtub in my house that Dillinger had shipped all the way from Terre Haute, Dillinger loved baths, they say he had never taken a shower in his life, he used to love soaking in a hot bubble bath as he read the movie reviews, Dillinger was an immaculately clean man although his behavior was spotty at best, Indiana in those days was a hotbed of gangster activity, and my house had become a central meeting place because of it’s proximity to the grand old movie houses of the day and big banks that were not very well guarded, Baby Face Nelson once slept in the bed which dominates the decor of my master bedroom like a Tommy gun dominates a knife fight, Baby Face loved my master suite because it had all the charm of a quaint old boarding house and the bed was right next to the window which allowed the morning sun to kiss his face like his wife used to do when they were young, there is wording scratched into the mahogany headboard which reads “Baby Face slept here”; I believe many people’s homes have rich histories such as mine does; during this current slowdown, I think people should use the time to research the histories of their abodes, there are many excellent resources available that people can utilize to learn more about their home and their heritage, if we don’t study the past, we have no future, let’s all try to learn a little bit more about where we live and who we are, we owe it to ourselves and those around us, well, this is Paulie, pulling the trigger on a magnum load of love, shalom all…


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