A Festive Plastic Reindeer Cake Spatula

Apr 26, 2020 Diary entry: I was watching a TV show where these two guys were in a knife fight with kitchen knives, it reminded me of the many butter knife fights over breakfast on Saturday mornings with my wife because the whiskey she drank during the week was wearing off, now you might ask why it is my wife just didn’t go to the liquor store and chill out, well, the liquor stores weren’t open on Saturdays, we lived in a small prairie town of Seventh Day Adventists, and all the businesses had to close on Saturdays because Jesus wouldn’t return to earth if everyone was drunk, so anyway, there was an unexpected eclipse of the sun one Christmas, they say Jesus died during an eclipse, or was it the Ides of March, anyway, I have a few jelly and buttery scars from one particularly intense Christmas Saturday morning when the wife cut me with a festive plastic reindeer cake spatula when the only present she wanted to open was me; as I ponder wistfully days gone by, I wonder, I just sit and wonder, and I look up into the night and I try to count the stars, and for each star I count, I count one of my blessings, the many stars and the many blessings of my short time in this world, shalom…


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