The Dirty Side Of A Dark Industry

Apr 26, 2020 Diary entry: As you know, we here at the Diary have been writing rectum jokes during the world’s slowdown, we have been poring over our extensive quantity of resource materials learning all we can, we have studied rectum humor dating back to the ancients; one of our staff was researching rectum materials from the old gangster era and he has uncovered the dark underbelly of a rectum joke industry that has been omitted from the school books, the kinds of things people don’t talk about, Hollywood is not immune from rebuke either, did you know that the Skipper had Gilligan’s rectum tied off because he was tired of his shit, yeah, rectum humor abuse has been going on since the early years, we have discovered the gritty side of a stinking industry whose flagrant violations of decency and morality have continued to this day, we are eager to shine the light of day onto this dark dark subject but there is much we cannot talk about, as many of the people involved are still alive, we must sit on most of our recently discovered information until we think the world is ready to get off the pot and accept our most gracious words on this subject, until next time, this is researcher Paulie, sending out a well-probed wish of love, shalom…


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