I Remember Iolanth

Apr 24, 2020 Diary entry: I remember a kid back in the neighborhood, Iolanth Porcine Peterson, his father owned the Peterson hog farm out by the county line, anyway, he started to think he was gay after his family took a trip to Toledo, when he returned home he said he thought he was gay and he changed his name from Peterson to Son of Peter, then he changed his name again to Son of Penis, hang on, a thought just came into my head, does it seem like a massive practical joke that over there in Vatican City, that people line up in the street for miles to get a chance to kiss Peter, you know, that statue of Jupiter they call Peter now, the idea that everyone wants to kiss Peter, or Penis, or Dick, or whatever, I don’t know, it seems like a dirty joke to me to play on stupid people, anyway, after Iolanth returned from Toledo he made us refer to him as Daredevil Dick, we all loved Daredevil, not in that way, we loved him because he embodied the fiery rebel spirit that swept us all up in a firestorm of passionate unbridled rebellion towards the status quo of years of being repressed by the powers that be, Daredevil Dick was the first of our group to take a dump on the front steps of city hall to protest the new dump site they were gonna open in our neighborhood, we fought the new dump site proposal long and hard but we lost the fight, from then on, the neighborhood smelled like the kimchi an old Korean lady down the street cooked in the middle of summer when the humidity was high and no air stirred, and when we gazed out of our bedroom windows at the night sky, we saw a great mountain of the city’s cast off crap, the neighborhood changed that year, the year when our friend Iolanth Peterson thought he was gay…


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