A Semi Idyllic Childhood

Apr 26, 2020 Diary entry: When Paulie was a boy, all the kids in the neighborhood played Cowboys and Indians, for some reason, I was always the Indian who got staked to the anthill while everyone else went to the drug store for sodas, after that, I was known as Little Chief Wanna Wanna Get Up, every time we played Old Maid, I always ended up getting the Death Card, when the crick froze over in the winter time, the big kids let me tag along with them and I contributed much to the team, they said they needed to chop a hole in the ice to see how deep the water was, and they weighted me down and used me for a depth finder, my parents used to hide my Easter eggs on the railroad track and I couldn’t search for them until the Express to Albany was due, one Christmas my brother told me that the light coming down the railroad track was Rudolf and when he got to where I was, I should give him a big hug, after the old man down at the end of the block died and his wild dogs were inside the house starving, my friends said it would make a great haunted house, and I spent the longest night of my life locked inside because I won the raffle, times were tough growing up, but the tough times made me what I am today, as Paulie looks back, he looks forward to the day when we all can meet together in peace and love, shalom…


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