The Power Below And The Power Above

Apr 24, 2020 Diary entry: There is a certain woman seated upon a throne, she’s flying on her throne, she flies in every direction at once, never leaving the seat of her power, she’s flying on her throne, she roosts at the top of the pyramid but she never rests, she radiates her absolute rule over the earth like the sun covers all it gazes upon, the woman has one eye, but all power under heaven has been given to that all seeing orb until weak men recognize their weakness, and ask their Creator for strength, his strength, not their own, men have no strength of their own, on their own they are no more than dry stubble that the fire hardly recognizes, but with the strength of their Creator, they can grow into mighty oaks that no wind can uproot; look up above, weak men, your Elohym of shamayim resides above Polaris, he stands upon the North Star, he awaits your cry, stop relying on your own false power, His is the real power, the corrupt woman with the one eye will own you until you return to Torah and your Maker breaks the shackles that restrain your heart, mind, body, and soul, you need your redeemer, you haven’t the cash to pay your ransom, seek Yahawah, seek life, begin to live before you die, you are a slave in this world, set your eyes upon the Olam haBa where you can taste freedom and live the free life that was promised to the descendants of father Abraham, look up, return to Torah, receive the Ruach ha Yahawah, receive life as you have never imagined it, ride the wind of the Ruach ha Kodesh, you were born for just this time in history, grab your heritage that was promised to you, receive your precious inheritance now, don’t wait any longer, time is short, shalom…


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