This Old House

Apr 22, 2020 Diary entry: Well, it was bound to happen, the thing that lives in the dark part of my basement got out, it wasn’t there when I went down for a jar of sauerkraut this morning, it must have got out during the night sometime; now I have an eighteen room search to embark on, I wish I had never moved in to this dreary old stone building during a difficult time in my life, I needed a place to stay, and this old abandoned asylum for the criminally insane seemed like just the ticket, but these many years later, I’m having my doubts, the animal noises in the middle of the night don’t bother me any more, animals have been getting in through the chimneys and broken windows for years, it’s the other noises that bother me and unsettle my otherwise quiet nights, I think there was an old movie once where some guy moved in to an old broken down county home for unbalanced patients who couldn’t respond to radical treatment, and years after closure, a very unbalanced patient who got lost in the shuffle when they closed the place down, well, he was actually living in one of the upper attics in this guy’s house, he survived by eating squirrels and other rodents that came in through cracks in the walls, it’s nights like this where I wish I had moved out of this secluded old estate, into a nice little apartment in the city, you know, a little studio apartment a block down from the cutest little bodega that is run by a kindly old gentleman who gives you free plums just because, and down the street from that is the news stand where a handsome young man calls out “Extra, extra, read all about it”, then there is the wonderful old Bijou Theater where they show vintage Hollywood movies every Wednesday, and extra butter for your popcorn is always free because they only want you to have a good time and be happy, yeah, it’s the kind of neighborhood where you walk down the sunny street eating grapes that old Mr. Fielder the fruit and vegetable man gave you free because your gal is the prettiest in town, oh how I wish I had never moved in to this most gloomy and cold stone fortress that has my happiness imprisoned within it, me and who knows who else, who else or what else, is imprisoned here with me, well, I think I remember seeing an old bottle of brandy in one of the upstairs rooms, so as I make my way up four flights of creaky stairs by flickering candle light, Paulie sends his warm wishes from a cold house to all you; I hope you all dwell comfortably where ever you are, shalom…


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