There Is More To Life Than Little Treats

Apr 22, 2020 Diary entry: Halloween, Halloween today is a pale washed out version, a faded shadow of what Halloween was when I was a kid, we lived Halloween, it was a core part of our lives, not a pathetic watered down Kool-Aid community barf fest held simply because a date on the calendar had Halloween imprinted on it by sharp suited putzes from Hallmark who had to chain swallow Maalox and milk because every time they saw their sellout faces in the mirror they had to throw up their poached egg and light tea from the special brunch the company gives to worthless kiss ass employees, anyway, where was I, oh yeah, cat ladies, every neighborhood has it’s cat lady, we had ours too, she was the most bedraggled old woman you had ever seen, she had a crooked nose, actually, she was crooked all over, and she wore these ragged dresses like the witches in the old cartoons wore when they washed the kitchen floor, anyway, her cats, there were flying cats all around her house, flying black cats that screamed in an eerie high pitched voice that made the hair on your neck stand up, god it was a sight, especially on cold moonlit nights in October; then every neighborhood has it’s dog man who lives in the last house on the block, who keeps dogs he can’t control, dogs that howl during the night when all you can think of is fear, any kind of fear, the dog man never speaks to anyone, he has a perpetual scowl that comes from years of keeping mad dogs that desire flesh, any flesh, the old man lets his dogs run loose on Halloween nights, on those nights the howls of the dogs were mixed with screams, unrecognizable screams, screams from man or beast, no one ever knew, yeah, Halloween was different when I was a kid, it had a realness to it, I won’t get into the kind of freaks I had for teachers, or the specters who entered and left the old church on the other side of the river, no, Halloween these days is about little candy treats for little children, but when I was a kid, it went much deeper then a bagful of loose cough drops, crab apples, stale popcorn, and rusty pennies, Halloween was the time of year when all the usual scary stuff coalesced into an otherworldly amalgamation of something I could never describe here, well, as I pour a delicately lively little pink wine into a thin stemmed beaker, I will wish you all a Happy Halloween in case we don’t see each other this fall, shalom everybody…


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