Pretty Grape Stomping Maidens, MSM, And A Blind Mouse

Apr 23, 2020 Diary entry: Boy what a layout, two hard boiled eggs, a chunk of cheese, bread, a pickle, and a bottle of French wine, all on a fancy checkered paper napkin, let’s see how good my French is here, we got Belle de Provence Rose, I believe it says “Made in the ancient French tradition”…”only the plumpest grapes were stomped by pretty young maidens”…”and a few old men with barnacles on their feet”…huh…I’m going to imagine the grapes were stomped by pretty young maidens…geez, the thought of barnacle footed old men keeps popping into my mind, I don’t think I’m really thirsty for wine, maybe I’ll have a couple shots of vodka and a can of grape flavored soda instead, anyway, the subject of MSM, main stream media, has been discussed all morning here in the pod room, I think Gweneeshah described it best when she said main stream media and it’s various outlets, is like a shit cake with different types of pieces, some pieces have a lot of frosting, some pieces have little frosting, some pieces are fat, some are thin, some are in one piece, and some are in, well, pieces, each MSM piece is unique, but whichever you choose, you are eating shit, we here at Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary admonish you all, stop eating at main stream news’s table, they are feeding you lines of shit, it’s the only thing in their cupboard, scoot your chair away, stand up, and scream out that you will no longer eat what these shit peddlers serve, we have been telling you for years that your scripted false reality is bad for you, the world you live in is an illusion, none of it is real, it has all been made up by the world’s magicians to misdirect your attention away from what they don’t want you to see, people, you are blind, but if you take my hand, I will lead you, a blind mouse can live his entire life inside a cheese factory and never once experience the taste of cheese, blind people can go to the movies once a week and never get to see the handsome leading man subdue the villain and kiss the girl, now, you must change your mind about everything you believe, or believe in, you easily change your socks, you change your haircut, you change your diet, you change your under pants, why do you refuse to change your mind; well, we get myriads of comments here at the Diary every week, the full range of letters all have one underlying thing in common, they all basically say “Dear Paulie, I’m a dumbass, but is it okay if I think I’m the smartest person in the world”, I think we’ve covered this oh-so-common delusion pretty well in the past, and I’m sure we will touch on it again in the future, but I see someone passing out Champagne glasses in the pod room, it must be time for lunch, so I’ll leave you with this parting thought, I don’t care if you change your hair, pants, or socks, but please change your mind, it’s beginning to smell, shalom…


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