Let’s All Rise From Our Sleep Together

Apr 23, 2020 Diary entry: Good afternoon everyone, it’s Paulie here, I hope you are all doing well during this latest military psychological operation and not taking it too seriously, remember, they can imprison your body against your will, but they can’t imprison your mind unless you let them, don’t let them, they desperately want your mind, they want to feed on your brain, the rulers of this world, your owners, they own you, but they can’t take your mind, it must be given to them, and I’m afraid many of you have given yourselves away free like you were bites of chicken in front of that one restaurant at the mall, anyway, the subject of mass mind control came up earlier today, you know, the one world mind, the hive mind, the we-are-all-one mind, the we are one world mind, the I-am-you-and-you-are-me mind, the we-are-all-in-this-together mind, the we-are-all-part-of-the-same-organism, that kind of mind crap, everyone here at Diary Headquarters has had something to say on the subject, we will review the transcripts and put together a rudimentary synopsis of the whole thing and give it to you bit by bit in future diary entries, we cannot give it to you all at once or you may bolt, we don’t want to lose anyone because we gave you more information than you can handle, we will feed you slowly and we will burp you gently along the way, we don’t want to feed you information too quickly and have you barf up this nutritious meal on our rug, look, the sorcerers, witches, and magicians have been controlling our reality since the beginning of time, we didn’t know it then, but we know it now, and now we can break free from the mental shackles that have held us in bondage, let us cast out all illusion, cast from our minds all the implanted ideas about some fake political system, economic system, religious nonsense, cast off the lying educational system, ball earth, outer space travel, reject this fake ass world now, the time has finally arrived for us to see, the day is dawning with a bright shining light that illuminates all the lies of all the lying bastards who we once loved and thought could do no wrong, our presidents, our astro nots, our priests, our pastors, our beloved television science guy, our favorite sports figures, we have been worshiping idols, let us come out of this rampant idol worship, as it is an abomination to our Creator and it should be an abomination to us, the time is here today that our eyes shall open up and see for the first time in our lives, the greatest opportunity in the history of the world is on our doorstep, get up off your couch and answer the door, the person knocking is reality, reality you have never met, answer that knock and introduce yourself to the reality that this ugly world is fake, then you will see the beauty of creation with clear eyes, this is clear-eyed Paulie sending his clear cut love to all who are beginning to stir from their sleep, shalom…


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