Paulie Would Never Fake You

Apr 22, 2020 Diary entry: C’mon people would I lie to you, pull your head out of that dark recess, dig the pudding out of your ears and listen up, wipe the mud from your eyes and gaze upon the light of day for once in your dim existence, blow the sludge from your nose and take a deep breath of something you have never known, freedom, freedom for your mind, your brain is hung up like a mouse in a trap, wriggle your psyche free from the mind control that has held you back your entire life, this world is not real my friend, it’s all fake, and if you follow it as if it were not fake, then you are simply a fake part of the bigger fakery, c’mon, let’s get real here, what does Paulie have to do to get your attention, Paulie has tried to pull you out of your hopeless and dreary Gilligan’s Island life, he has tried to break you free from that lonely place of confusion that has marooned your chances of ever living as you were meant to, Paulie wants to drag your sorry butt to the great city on the hill, where clearness of mind rules like a powerful king, anyway, we have great news here at the Diary, awesome news, our old young internet adviser is back, you remember him, we lost him when his mother turned him over to the cops, then he was released from juvenile detention when she dropped all the charges and he returned to us, then she turned him in to the cops again, well, she dropped the charges again and he has been rereleased from juvenile detention to again join the family here at Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary, we are all excited to have him back, it’s been a nonstop party around here since last night when we broke the seal on a package of fun we had stored up for just such an occasion, we even allowed him to write this current diary entry to show our pleasure at his return to us, well, it sounds like the party up in the pod room is getting out of control, I better go check on things, so this is real Paulie, sending real wishes of love to his real people, and sending a fake artificial love to those who don’t care, shalom…


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