Fake Cookies Are Better Than Nothing

Apr 20, 2020 Diary entry: Hey everybody, come on in, I’m glad you could make it, I’m in the kitchen baking up some of my famous Googee Cookies, they really aren’t famous, they are only known around the Paulie household, but they are exquisitely delicious and they come from an ancient family recipe, not really, I use a standard number nine 30-20-30 ratio cookie dough laid out in the stock grade format, I found some old sheet metal in the garage and I cut some wide strips with the tin snips, then I fashioned a cookie cutter that cuts the dough in the shape of a flower, when the cookies are done baking they look like fat daisies which I frost with white icing and I put a fancy yellow bloom in the middle like you might see on an expensive wedding cake, my cookies look extraordinary in every way possible, they are reminiscent of a rare jungle flower that blooms only once a year and all the floriculturists travel across the earth to gaze upon the rarest of sights, not really, if they looked that awesome, I wouldn’t call them Googee cookies for heaven’s sake, they are simply flower-looking things with white icing and a dollop of yellow icing in the middle, not much to look at, but the dogs and I like them, so it’s cookie baking day here on the Avenue, we are holding cookie baking day in conjunction with laundry day, as we need something to do while we wait for each batch to come out of the oven, the routine is put cookies in oven, fold laundry, take cookies out of oven, fold laundry, ice cookies, well, you get the idea, anyway, if you want the truth of it, I’m not doing anything today, I’m just extremely bored and I’m wasting time at the keyboard while I wait for the afternoon soap opera to come on television and hey, there it is, I’ll wrap this thing up by saying shalom to anyone who was bored enough to read this, may you find peace and contentment in all you do, shalom…


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