Paulie Is Plain People

Apr 19, 2020 Diary entry: People, where would we be without them, tall people, short people, smart people, dumb people, pretty people, people who look like the elderly lady’s dog down the street, intuitive people, people whose intuition tells them to not eat any more Taco Bell and instead eat McDonald’s, people who drive according to the rules of the road, people who drive all those around them insane with their pointless chatter, well, you get the idea, anyway, the people around the pod room were relating their most embarrassing moments earlier today, and Paulie shared his, it was back in the late Fifties, we were all seated around the dining table eating our Christmas dinner when I barfed all my ham and yams on the dog, and you know how dogs do when they’re wet, the dog tried to shake himself dry and he shook my ham and yams and my cranberry jello all over the walls, my mom’s favorite lamp, and her festive slip covers, then I was sent to my room without dessert; I’m reminded of a phrase I’ve heard quite often , “People who love people are the peopliest people in the world”, anyway, this whole people thing, I will study it more and get back to you all, I think there could be much to say about people, much most of you haven’t ever thought of, I admonish you all to return back here and learn things that your parents or society could never teach you, we are all learning, let’s learn together, this is Paulie, saying shalom people…


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