It’s All Perspective

Apr 18, 2020 Diary entry: Hey all, It’s Paulie again, I’m here lounging under a big beach cabana, I’m sipping sangria while a pretty dark haired lady offers to light my premium cigar, a Camaroon Preferido; a barefoot waitress is bringing another bamboo tray of seafood delicacies that the ocean gave up only this morning; no, not really, actually, I’m here in the day room, I’m in the day room of a “quiet therapy”, uh, place, it seems my doctors wanted me to take a short vacation to unwind from some type of perceived things that they said were bothering me, so here I am, I’m just sittin’ here chillin’, sipping de-caf coffee through a paper straw with the help of some guy who looks like Jack Nicholson in that one old Halloween movie where he has teeth like a wolf; this shirt they gave me to wear is very uncomfortable, it is made from scratchy canvas and it doesn’t have any sleeves, and these pants only have one leg in them, well, it’s almost dinner time, the menu says fish stick, jello, and Thorazine, so as a heavy-booted male attendant brings a metal tray, Paulie sends his special, most craziest love to all whom he loves, shalom…


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