Charlie Manson May Make Parole, But He Will Never Dance Again

Apr 16,2020 Diary entry: Shalom everyone, Paulie here, now Paulie has an open door policy, when he sees that his door is open, he shuts it and throws the bolt, but today he will leave it a bit ajar and talk through the crack before he closes it for the day, anyway, we hope your home detention is going as good as can be expected and that you are doing well, as you are no doubtedly aware, Paulie asks questions, and most of them go unanswered, but Paulie must ask why it is that while all of us are on home detention, the people in prison are freed from their detention to roam the streets, why do we have to stay home and they don’t, this topsy-turvy world just gets weirder doesn’t it, anyway, I want to pass along some info I came across as I was researching Charlie Manson for some of my previous diary entries I made several days ago; as a boy, young Charlie was an accomplished ballet dancer who was gifted as an angel, and he charmed his audiences to no end, he starred in his high school new age rendition of “To Kill A Mocking Bird” and the reviews were rave, he was a rising comet destined to dance on his toes among the highest stars of heaven; after his “To Kill A Mocking Bird” performance, he received a scholarship to attend the prestigious Stockholm Ballet Conservatorium in Stockholm, Sweden, then, as fate would have it, he suffered a freak accident and the doctors said he would be left with a limp and he would never dance again, this magnificent young student of the ballet found himself cast out of the thing he loved most, there would be no more casting calls, calls from admirers, and no more after-performance soiree’s with adoring fans, he would hang up his tights and slippers for good, and well, the rest is history, it’s amazing the facts one can learn when one does his own research, well, this is Paulie, shutting his door for the day, good evening, and shalom…


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