If You Are Here For Paulie, He’s Out In The Yard

Apr 15, 2020 Diary entry: Hey everybody, it’s Paulie again, I’m outside sitting in a lawn chair, I have been watching the world go by, and it is indeed going by, it seems to fly by like a screaming eagle intent on devouring some thing or another, anyway, I’ve been pondering this whole existence we’ve found ourselves in, something about this whole mess doesn’t seem kosher, if you know what I mean, Paulie thinks there is a Chinaman hiding in the china shop somewhere, so to speak, is it possible at all, that the weasel in the chicken coop has gotten into the house, it seems like the dirty dogs are crapping all over our fine carpeting, and they ate god-knows-what beforehand, well, let the race to idiocy rage on, Paulie is only a spectator, watching it from his lawn chair as he sips a light wine and munches on little cheese sandwiches he made from an old family recipe; as the sun begins to set and Paulie sets his mind on higher matters, may he utter these simple words, shalowan my ahkh and my achot, peace be forever yours…


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