Forever Optomistic

Apr 14, 2020 Diary entry: Paulie’s short stint in the military had been very successful until an unfortunate occurrence changed the trajectory of his career, Paulie was expelled from his unit because of circumstances beyond his control, when a howitzer goes off and it isn’t supposed to, someone has to pay, and Paulie being the faithful servant he is, he jumped onto the grenade to save his comrades, well, the rest is history, having been drummed out of the Corpse, Paulie resumed a life of taking on odd jobs, working night shifts to pay the rent, working day jobs to buy food, then one day Paulie’s life began to change, change in profound ways, he met a fortune teller down off Forty Second Street who told Paulie his future, she said that Paulie would rise again out of the bleak darkness of Loserville like the hot blazing sun arises out of the darkness and illuminates the great city down below, from that day on, Paulie has looked ahead to that bright new day in which he would shine for the first time in his life, that day still hasn’t arrived, but Paulie’s eyes are forever looking ahead to whatever may come, it’s got to be better than this, right?…


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