Where’s Castro?

Apr 12, 2020 Diary entry: It’s Paulie again, how is everyone tonight, Paulie has had something on his mind and he wants to clear it up for you, this idea that Fidel Castro lived in Cuba is preposterous, he had never even visited Cuba, and he wasn’t even Cuban to begin with, I met Castro personally one afternoon in a garage down off 42nd Street; a bunch of us had gathered to drink beer and play poker, and there was this bearded guy in green army fatigue’s who kept raising every bet, he was a mad man who kept saying that Pesos would be worthless after the revolution, anyway, this was the real Castro who won forty seven dollars from me, he was a very militant individual, and his rhetoric swayed my thinking about life in general, yeah, I knew Fidel Castro, I drank beer with him, I played cards with him, and I gave him my money, on a lazy late June afternoon, down off 42nd Street in my friends garage, shalom…


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