Paulie’s Pudding Is For Everyone

Apr 12, 2020 Diary entry: Hey everybody, it’s Paulie here, I”m in the kitchen, come on in, take a seat at my dinette set with the sunflower print cushions, let’s talk right after I check my stove, I need to watch my English dish that I will serve this evening, I’ve made a big batch of my Steak and Kidney Bean Pudding for tonight’s special occasion, maybe I should add a splash of Bordeaux and one more pinch of rosemary, there, I think that does it, now what did you want to talk about today, the state of the world, politics, religion, the lady next door who insists that my campfire smoke is making her dog sick, the petition the neighborhood cabal is circulating to make golf balls illegal; anything that is on your mind and is confusing you, I am here to listen and iron out whatever is ruffling your delicate linens, give your wrinkled mind to Paulie the mind launderer, he will wash away all the confusion that has soiled you for so long, he will press out all the creases in your soul and make you feel like a fresh pressed grape whose juice runs like a raging river of uncontrolled clarity that will cause you to scream out to the very heavens above that you can see for the first time in your life, give your dirty laundry to Paulie’s Wash, Dry and Fold Service, we are experienced in what we do, we have been washing away customers’ fears, drying their tears, and folding up their cares, and sending them all to a far away place in a neatly wrapped package with string tied around it, never to be heard from again, well, I smell my pudding, I think it’s done, so I will wish you all shalom…


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