A Critique Of Perry Mason

Apr 11, 2020 Diary entry: I had wanted to critique this most recent Perry Mason episode for everyone but I missed the first half of the show, the best I can figure out is that there is this guy who is a ballet dancer and he is wonderfully sweet and adept and nimble when he dances, and he enthralls his audience with flair and style, but when he goes backstage, he’s a real bastard, he yells at the stagehands and he called his costume designer a bitch, well, my bet for the murder victim is this guy, and I don’t think Mr. Burger is gonna bother prosecuting the case because everybody hated the guy’s guts, anyway, the guy got killed in a back corner of the backstage area, it’s anyone’s guess who did it, well, the judge told everyone to approach the bench, then he leaned over and quietly said to the respective councils that his stomach was growling and he wanted to call a recess so he could go for tacos down on the boardwalk because he had coupons his wife gave him, the thing is, it was difficult to pin this case on any one person, every witness who testified said they hated the victim with a burning passion, or a warm hatred, or they just wanted to see him dead for the principle of the matter, Perry was accusing everyone of the murder like he usually does, then during an intensely brutal cross examination the last witness cried out she killed the guy, she broke down under cross, then they all adjourned to the Last Plea Bar and Grill across the street for daiquiris and clams and good talk, this has been your critique expert Paulie, giving you all a well thought out shalom…


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