Paulie The High Flying Duck

Apr 10, 2020 Diary entry: Look people, this world is not all lollipops and gumballs, there are also things in this world you don’t understand, things and people that may not be good for your well-being, to wit, Paulie was always the high flying duck, the one that stayed high in the sky where it was safe, but there were dirty drunken men huddled in duck blinds below who called to Paulie, they called sweet and beautiful duck tones that turned my head, made me circle back around to inquire of something that may be good, may be real, like a new relationship with another duck, well, their warm words betrayed their cold desire to fill colorful mallard Paulie with number four lead shot from their cannons of hate, their only desire was to shoot majestic duck Paulie down to the snow covered earth where they could remove his entrails and defeather him of his colorful plumage, and roast him over their demonic campfire of deviant lust for flesh, Paulie’s flesh, well, Paulie still hears them calling to him, but Paulie has enough ragged tail feathers left to keep flying out of their range, Paulie the majestic duck ignores the sweet sounds from below, the sweet sounds emanating from the lips of dirty drunken deceitful men who lie in wait down inside their muddy pit, waiting to bring Paulie the duck down into the pit with them, well, Paulie will no more descend down to their level, Paulie is staying high above all the troubles of this world, where the air is lofty like Paulie’s goals, hang on a minute, there is an old Perry Mason episode coming on the television, and I want to critique the thing, I will return with a complete breakdown of this latest rerun murder mystery in which deceptions run deep, deeper than you know, Paulie will certainly shallow this thing out for you all, Paulie will always shallow out the deep water that threatens to drown you, and he will deepen the waters of understanding before your minds shallow down to a stinking mud hole in which the desert snakes wouldn’t wet their whistle to call to the pretty lady snakes who slither through the sand like slow dancing mambas that desire love instead of contention, well, this Perry Mason episode is stupid so I’m gonna go down into the root cellar and grab a bottle of wine, I will drink a long toast to you all, shalom everybody…


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