Does Everyone Lie?

Apr 10, 2020 Diary entry: Jesus is a liar, now hang on, don’t go anywhere, don’t hang up the phone, don’t slam the door on Paulie, please allow me to explain, ever since Paulie was a young boy he has been praying to Jesus to give him a new car, a brand new car right off the showroom floor, ever since a young Paulie saw the new 1957 Plymouth’s with the big beautiful wings on them, I guess they were called fins, he wanted one more than anything in the world, well, Jesus had said that anything I ask for in his name, he would give me, and I asked every year that the new model cars came out if Jesus would give me one, and here I am sixty three years later driving another twenty three year old vehicle, I think Jesus lies like Hatfield’s Uncle Bismark, who always promised us kids he would take us deep sea fishing in his yacht with his best fishing buddy, the guy who played the deep sea scuba diver on the well known TV series of the Fifties, I think the show was called Sea Hunt, we all loved that show, anyway, I never got to go on a deep sea fishing yacht, and I never got to drive a brand new showroom fresh automobile; sometimes I think this whole crappy world is no more than an illusion given to us by people who only lie to get us to love them, I don’t think our heroes love us, I think they are all full of shit, anyway, Jesus can kiss my ass, I won’t listen to him or anyone else anymore, this is Paulie, calling out to all his disillusioned brothers and sisters across the land, shalom…


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