Come Down To The River

Apr 11,2020 Diary entry: Hey everybody, Paulie here, I’m down by the riverbank keeping my distance from the common rabble, my fry pan is all asizzle with a fish that I snagged out of the river this morning, it is frying up nicely as I sip on huckleberry wine and munch on hors d’oevres that Lady Forest gave up to me without the slightest whimper; as Paulie sits underneath the canopy of stars that watch his every move, Paulie is moved to say a few words to those who seem to be immovable, those of you who cling on to false reality like it was the last dry diaper in your momma’s diaper bag; there comes a time in every man’s life when he must say enough is enough, and he gets up off his knees he’s been crawling on his whole life, and he stands up, and begins to walk upright as he was meant to from the beginning, Paulie admonishes you to stop sucking the milk this world has been feeding you, and start eating meat that comes from above, eat meat that has existed before time began instead of this temporary milk you can’t say “No” to; quit buying your fish from corrupt fish mongers, get your fish from the reliable source, cast your line to the waters and reel in pure sustenance that you know your soul craves, give up the fake food that this world offers, get something nutritious in your gut, come on down to the riverbank with Paulie, you know this is where you belong, Paulie’s campfire never goes out and there is always something in the skillet, we camp in the midst of the stars of heaven, and we live in a way you have never known, well, as Paulie shakes the water out of his rubber boots and dries his socks by the fire, he calls out in his best woodland holler, shalom…


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