It’s All Virtual Man

Apr 8, 2020 Diary entry: Okay, about this opposing forces thing, this Ying versus Yang, Good versus Evil, Light versus Dark, Reality versus Virtual Reality, please allow Paulie to elucidate the less than illuminated ones of you, Paulie has entered into the Virtual World of altered reality, and let me say that the Virtual World of unreality is a wondrous one indeed, since I first donned my Virtual Reality goggles, my world has changed, all is good, all is calm, and all is just right, here is what it is like now in my new False Reality World, you may want to join me, the Cubbies won the World Series, they won 19 straight games over the White Sox in the very first nineteen game Series ever played, and the whole White Sox organization folded and filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and the club owner committed suicide by hanging himself from the Cub’s dugout, then, Jesus got elected to the presidency and he pardoned everybody in the whole world, yeah, the whole world is now partying like that one guy always did at the office Christmas party where he sang the Jingleberry song in the ear of anyone who would listen, I hear Charlie Manson is styling hair now at Great Clips, Manuel Noriega is out and he is dealing in New Age bath products instead of cocaine, this new Virtual Reality World is just what I’ve always wanted, my hometown just declared a holiday in my honor, all the ladies are baking pies, the town’s children are lining up to give me cheek kisses, and the old men are saying things like “You did good kid”, “The town loves you”, and “We will never forget you”, all is wondrously beautiful in this new Virtual World, it may not be real but the real world wasn’t so hot, I don’t have to cow tow to idiots here in my new fake world, I simply snap my fingers and they are instantly translated to hell, then I go back to sipping my wine and talking to the ladies, I can’t tell you how it feels, I wish I could tell you how it feels, I don’t think I will ever return to the cold real world again, my Virtual World is all I need, it is my friend, it is my mother, and it is my alter personality which I have never known, well, this is Paulie, in his fake little world, pouring out a real large martini, saying shalom all…


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