Apr 6, 2020 Diary entry: Hey everybody, this is Paulie, coming to you from the midst of the hot spot, we are inside the hottest spot in the Midwest, we are all gathered at the home of Paulie, the Avenue is gonna light up tonight like your future mother-in-law lit up when she heard you had proposed to her daughter, we are gonna shoot the moon out of the sky, gut and skin it, and roast it in the fire, we’re gonna slather barbecue sauce on it and we are gonna wipe it’s fat on our sleeves as we guzzle down hickory-fired bourbon that Johnny’s uncle made last summer, we are gonna tell hard jokes as we sip hard liquor underneath the starry expanse overhead, here’s the first hard joke of the evening, “Since they have been dumbing down the masses, now that they are dumbed down, what do we call them”, answer, “Duh Masses”, well, “Duh”, this is Paulie, saying shalom…


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