Chewing On The World’s Gristle

Apr 6, 2020 Diary entry: You people are chewing through this world like demented beavers chew through balsa forests, stop chewing on things you don’t know, you think you’re gnawing on a pretty lady’s tender meat, but in reality, you got hold of an old man’s gristle, Paulie admonishes you, “Spit it out”, “Spit out that gristle now”, Paulie remembers the words a wise man once spoke long ago, Melech Shelomah, erroneously known as King Soloman, the wisest man who ever lived, said “When you sit to eat at the Ruler’s table, consider diligently what is before you, and put a knife to your throat if you be a man given to appetite, do not be desirous of his dainties because they are deceitful meat”, so scoot your chair back and quit putting everything in your mouth, and stop believing every story that the Ruler’s storytellers toss your way, stop being a mindless consumer who consumes without a thought, your life guide Paulie wants to guide you, please let him, he wants to do his job, he wants to do his job on you, speaking of dreaming, you know that one recurring dream you have, the one you have over and over, where you have to report to the principals office for your last evaluation and possible suspension for violating the dress code again, and when you knock on the principals office door, you look down and you don’t have any clothes on, and you know this last dress code violation is gonna blast you into your new reality as one of those guys who sweeps up movie theaters after that one Gothic movie where they all dress up and do god-knows-what during the movie, anyway, Paulie doesn’t want any of his readers to be shy, stand up and call out to me, I am here for you, allow me to change your life, your attitude, allow me to change your mind, allow me to change your very soul, your raggedy soul is all worn down, it’s worn through and has holes in it, Paulie the soul cobbler will patch you back up if you only let him, Paulie has razor sharp tacks and a tiny hammer and he wants to use them on you, relax, take your shoes off, put your mind at ease, and Paulie will do the rest, you have become entangled in a web of fake dreams, but know this, the next dream you have may be real and it could eat you up, you need guidance, please allow Paulie to guide you through, there is a portal to the other side, take my hand and we will get there together, well, sometimes dreams do come true, there is one more bottle of gin in the root cellar, as Paulie pours a tall, curiously exotic drink with esoteric undertones, he wishes you all goodnight and shalom…


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