PGRD’s Latest Update On The Current Situation

Apr 1, 2020 Diary entry: This is an urgent message from Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary, our strike force on the current Corona King Crown Covid 19 Virus has determined that the virus may be spread on words, so we are shutting down production immediately, we must all do our part and we are sending all our writing staff home until May 5th, at which time we hope to call them back, we will be offering our idle employees a small but heartfelt compensation package to help them weather the storm, free tickets to sporting events, coupon booklets for their favorite restaurant (dine in only), and concert tickets complete with backstage passes, if we all pull together and do our part, we may get through this thing together, if not, well then, no one can say we didn’t try, as for Paulie, he is gonna pack some left over beans and boloney and beer in his backpack and go fishing while he can still get out of town, but right now we have a warning from our Corona Covid 19 Strike Force medical expert concerning the transmission of fake information that has been spreading as bad as the virus itself, actually, our medical expert was chosen because he has a cousin who spent a semester in medical school before dropping out for personal reasons, and his pod is closest to our first aid kit, which he stocks with Band Aids and aspirins, he is an excellent young writer who wrote our well-received Diary entry entitled “Illuminating The Dark Corners of The Illicit Colonoscopy Industry”, a hard-hitting expose of underground activity which takes place in towns and cities all over America, including many of our rural areas, anyway, much false information is being spread person to person, so it is advisable to stay away from those who are most apt to hear lies and pass those lies to others, we have a disinformation epidemic of epic proportions in which the curve on the graph has risen dramatically, we ask all Americans to stop or cut down talking to one another because words are the main carrier of deception and confusion, so let’s all shut up and flatten that curve, in conclusion, our fine medical expert has informed us that the current Corona King Crown Covid 19 Virus lives on surfaces for between several hours to a few days, so you can feel safe and assured that all our old Diary entries are disease free, well, this is Paulie, heading out of town on this most distressing April Fool’s Day, shalom everybody…


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