Real Stories For Real Isolationists

Mar 19, 2020 Diary entry: Hey everybody, it’s Paulie here, I was watching an old movie on television, a courtroom drama, and I gotta say, it’s strange the answers people give to the prosecutor’s questions, especially when they’re asked if they killed the guy, they say stuff like they hated him but didn’t kill him, now if a cop comes to your door and asks you if you know anything about a dead guy they found in your back yard and you say you don’t know him and the cop says he’s your next door neighbor and he asks if you killed him, don’t say you hated his guts, wanted to see him dead, dreampt of killing him many times, you are glad he’s dead, but no, you don’t know anything about it, that’s not the way to answer such a question, I think there are times when it is best to lie…


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