Blazing A Desert Trail

Feb 17, 2020 Diary entry: Paulie’s whirlwind of love rages across the desert, destroying the sands of time, in search of that one moist place where he can find rest for a blazing furnace of desire, that one lush oasis under the palm trees, where ladies in bright print dresses carry trays of mouthwatering delicacies, and they continually wave their finely woven fans of something that cools you deep down in your aching soul, somewhere out there a lady beckons, a silent voice only Paulie can hear; a voice on the breeze, a voice out of another place, a place only Paulie can see; desert owls hear her voice and they ask “Who”, who is this woman that speaks in this way, and from where does she speak, entire caravan routes have been changed, and changed again, only on one stranger’s word that he had seen her somewhere out there, somewhere far away, as if he were in a dream, tranced into some mind altering zone in which he would never leave behind or forget, the deserts of this earth would never have been explored if not for this woman, men have searched for her throughout the ages and none have found her, but Paulie is on her track, she has left a conspicuous trail in the sands of time that only Paulie can recognize and follow, Paulie will keep all updated on his quest after he stops in up ahead for fresh water and fresh burros, this is Paulie out on the sandy trail, saying shalom all…


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