Spiritual Slime

Feb 9, 2020 Diary entry: Yeah, it’s been almost sixty years ago when a wise man told a young Paulie, “Little Paulie, men are still peddling this spiritual crap about evil in the world being from another dimension”, “All evil in this world comes from the minds of men”, “Evil belongs to those who spawn it”, “Evil men are not the spawn of the devil, evil men are the spawn of men”, Paulie has taken these wise words to heart, maybe there is some one out there who may do the same, I don’t know, but know this, men do lie, yes, it is not easy to fathom, but the truth is, men are inborn, inbred liars, liars do indeed spawn more liars, it’s a law of nature, animals reproduce after their own kind, men reproduce after their own kind, the only difference is, you can know how an animal will act at all times, they are pre programmed, but men have free will that leads them to behavior that can go in any direction, when they have chosen their direction, they groom their snakelet babies to follow the slimy trail they have laid out, please be aware that their slime trails are everywhere on earth, you people have been slipping and sliding in their slime so long you have come to believe it is normal, it is not, wake up and smell the fetid slime, well, this has been Paulie, speaking to you from a foreign and far away dimension you can’t recognize, earth, yes, Paulie is speaking from his stationary, immovable earth which stands upon the ancient pillars of time,truth, and reality, you are the outer space aliens that they are always talking about, you people live way out in the deepest darkness and you are walking the earth as an invasive specie that is really taxing Paulie’s patience, anyway, as Paulie continues to wish that the brainless aliens would get the hell off the streets and out of the grocery store lines, he wishes his earth family everywhere, love, rest, shalom…


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