Bat-Crazy Bastards

Feb 8, 2020 Diary entry: Paulie has a Jeopardy question, or answer, whatever, anyway, Answer-“Alex Trebek is an asshole”, Question-“Why is Alex Trebek an asshole”, this has been a new feature here at Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary that we are trying out, we want a more game show motif so people can feel like they are participating in the conversation, here’s one more question, or answer, whatever, “Because Alex eats bat turds”, answer, or question, whatever, “Why does Alex eat bat turds”, we wanted to throw in a bat turd comment today because everything today is about bats, the virus thing, the president’s homage to Louisville Sluggers, and his BAT tax, and the fact he has batted his opposition into the lower tier bleachers, well, this is Paulie, batting out a hard home run of love to his people, to the rest of you, Paulie lays down a soft bunt of stinking bat droppings, shalom all…


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