A Consensus At Joe’s

Feb 9, 2020 Diary entry: Hey everybody, Paulie here, a long time ago a wise man told a little Paulie “Man only invented ficticious devils to misdirect us”, “The true devils reside within men”, so it seems while we continue to look everywhere for the devil, we don’t see that he is within men we vote for, love on the basketball court, bow down to in Britain, adore on television, and emulate in our lives because we are so overflowing with love that we just gotta love anything or anyone, love, love, love, it makes the ball earth world go ’round right, you people truly are on a ball earth that is spinning it’s way through the vast nothingness of space, you are gone, your raggedy souls populate a fake galaxy far, far away, may you never return, this has just been a quick update on the state of the world, everyone down here at Joe’s Uptown Bar and Grill is in agreement, we bid you Fairyland Fools sweet dreams, and may you never wake up, you are the captain of your ship, and may we say, you rudderless idiots have run aground but still believe you are sailing, well, this is Paulie and the gang here at Joe’s, wishing love and shalom to the family, to the rest of you, we wish, well, I think we have already said it, stay in hell…


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