Cratchet On The Run

Jan 28, 2020 Diary entry: Please excuse Paulie today, this is going to be a very short diary entry, I have to fire a long standing employee, he was embezzling from the company, he was our book keeper, the Bob Cratchet son of a bitch stole all our book keeping records, he left all the money in the safe and took the records of the past three years, all our in records and all our out records, if I ever catch that Bob Cratchet bastard, I’ll cook his plum pudding like it was his last Boxing Day on earth, I’ll pull his ears like an English Christmas Day cracker until his head pops out those funny paper hats and tin whistles, well, this is Paulie, saying “Keep your money close and your book keeping records closer”, oh, and yeah, your loved ones also, shalom…


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