The Tongue Can Be A Heavy Burden

Jan 26, 2020 Diary entry: Some of our newer readers have asked “Is Paulie angry”, “Why does Paulie sound harsh at times”, “Does Paulie need help of some kind”, please allow Paulie to take this opportunity to answer that he is tired, he is so tired, Paulie has been holding his tongue his entire life and he is tired, Paulie’s tongue has become very heavy, it is a heavy burden that Paulie can no longer hold up, Paulie is tired of holding the world’s burdens on his tongue, Paulie is through, done, Paulie will no longer expend his precious energy holding back a beast that only wants to fight and run free, Paulie has let the wild mustang free to run his wild course through the countryside as he was meant to from the beginning, Paulie’s tongue will kick and scream like the wild thing it was created to be, be forewarned, Paulie’s wild nature was broken before he ever had the opportunity to run wild, but Paulie is returning to his root, his ancient root which was planted in this earth many millennia ago, Paulie returned to the beginning of time when all was pure, before dirty men dirtied the world up, you see, Paulie now has the ability to compare this crapped-up world to what it once was, something most people cannot do, most people look at a crapped-up world and they ask why, Paulie doesn’t ask why because Paulie knows why, so if it seems Paulie sounds harsh, or that he may need help of some kind, remember this, Paulie’s eyes are not your eyes, Paulie’s ways are no longer your ways, Paulie has broken the world’s shackles from him while you are still harnessed in your stalls, Paulie’s tongue shall run like the wind, it shall twist and turn like a plain’s tornado destroying all in it’s path, the foolish plow mule will never understand the fast running horse, the docile sheep will never understand the wild goat, the stale lagoon will never understand the raging river, and you will never understand Paulie, this is Paulie, raging out a wild “Shalom” to those whom he loves, you who have also found your root on the ancient path, to the rest of you, Paulie hurls out a churning “Go to hell”…


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