Washington’s Hoax Of The Day

Jan 22, 2020 Diary entry: The television is on as I listen to Japanese Funk on the stereo, some Washington guy is speaking obvious bullshit to somebody who must enjoy hearing bullshit, makes me want to throw my beer can at the set, his fancy suit, his fancy shave, his fancy haircut, his fancy ear and nose hairs all fancy trimmed, god, I just want to scream, oh well, the American people need a diversion from reality I guess, give them an interesting bullshit story and they will sleep well at night, sucking on their blanket, or whatever it is these freaks suck on, just leave the deceived alone in their deceptions, if they were to wake up they would be a bigger pain in the ass than they are now, walking in their sleep, they say not to wake up Dumbasses who are sleep walking anyway, they freak out when they see that they are not where they thought they were; just continue listening to the professional story tellers whisper those sweet fairy tales in your ears and roll over to the soft side of your head where it’s all warm and squishy you sorry excuse for a watery melon head you, god, are Americans the stupidest people in the world or what, many are awakening but so many are dead heads walking on live bodies, oh well, as my dear old Grandmother used to say to a young Paulie, she said “Little Paulie, most people are stupid, fuck ’em”, well, this is honest Paulie, in a lying world, saying shalom to all you whom Paulie loves, to the rest of you, I think you know Paulie’s wish for you by now, he doesn’t have to say it…


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