The Day-After Party Is Not As Good As Last Night’s

Jan 22,2020 Diary entry: Hey everybody, it’s Paulie here, just barely, I had either too much beer, too much baloney, too many beans, or jokes, or too many martini olives last night, we held Joke Night in conjunction with our monthly Beer, Boloney, and Bean Blowout, only a quarter of our staff made it in this morning and they are all asleep in their pods, these are the brave soldiers who keep this little endeavor of ours going, maybe I’ll have lunch sent in to show my appreciation, tacos and one of those Sangria fountains, I need a belt or two, my pants are loose if you know what I mean, I feel as though I’ve lost all my change, the bills in my pocket feel like pelican beaks and they are talking to me, saying “How do you feel now Dumbass”, I think I coughed out one of those little pink drink umbrellas, or it was a clump of feathers out of my pillow, well, I’m headed down to the office to get some paperwork done and order lunch, this is Paulie saying “Go easy on the beans and baloney”, “Keep the jokes soft and squishy for those you love”, this is Paulie, out, shalom…


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