Smooth Catalina

Jan 20,2020 Diary entry: Catalina was my smooth trip into the natural world, smooth Catalina took me places, places I did not know, places that existed in the midst of time, places that no longer exist, only fuzzy memories of a time gone by and an animal that showed me things this world never could, a simple animal showed me how to live, a natural being brought me out of the unnatural world I had found myself in, a world I wasn’t even aware I was in, a simple beast showed me how to be a natural man, as was intended for me from the beginning, if we are extremely fortunate in this life, we learn things, we learn from the least expected places; people and animals alike are our teachers, the trees teach us how to survive through the seasons, the animals teach us how to not take ourselves too seriously, we are here only for the pleasure of the predators, and people, if we are observant, they teach us how not to act, it’s a balance, observe the creation around us, the natural world is our guide, the unnatural world of man is the angry predator waiting to devour us, I remember Catalina and all she taught me; relax, love the sunshine, hunt when the hunting is good, and run when you smell the dogs, I raise my martini glass to one of my favorite teachers and good friends, shalom to you Catalina, wherever you relax, wherever you love, wherever you hunt, and wherever you run, this is your old friend and student, Paulie saying once again, shalom…


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