Navigating The Rectum Joke Quagmire

Jan 18, 2020 Diary entry: Please allow Paulie to clear up a serious misunderstanding, he often speaks metaphorically which can lead to confusion for overly imaginative individuals, Paulie had related how he grew up on a hog farm and how we used to “stuff the sausage in the intestine”, now, Paulie was not speaking metaphorically here, no, we were processing food, not some weird animal desire to “put the wienie in the bun” so to speak, so to make this all perfectly clear, we did not metaphorically “stuff the sausage in the intestine”, we actually stuffed the sausage in the intestine so as to survive the long winters and have food to eat, with that being said, we will begin to notate when metaphors are being used and when they are not, because things could possibly get really mixed up when we begin our new rectum joke blitz in the near future, we do not want any haphazard misconceptions occurring which could make a good clean rectum joke go horribly wrong, please bear with us as we travel this new road together, we wish to avoid unfortunate pitfalls along the way, spelunking in unexplored caves can spell disaster, but if we stay close and hold hands, we may just get through this thing without losing anyone, well I hope things are clearer now, this is Paulie, calling out in his best spelunking, echoey holler to his loved ones, shalom, and to the rest of you, the usual reverberating go to hell…


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