Leaving Crop Circles In The Night

Jan 16,2020 Diary entry: When the corn is high and passions flow like a late summer rainstorm, and two people find themselves lost together in the darkness, when the night thunders out it’s warning that a burning hot love could set the world on fire, when two people forget the world, to hell with the inhabitants of the world, it is tonight, it is our night, it will be the night that all the stars in the sky pause to take notice of an extraordinary collision between two opposing forces that know no bounds, two flaming souls will meet and unite in the midst of the corn, we shall leave crop circles in our wake unlike any the world has ever seen, the entire heavens above will observe a moment of darkness in reverence to a love that has never been, and will never be again, this moment in time will be the one that creates a new dimension and ushers in the utopia that has only been dreamt of throughout the millennia, it’s the new day, it’s the first day, it’s the first day of the new eternity of something the world will never recognize, a thing the world will never know, a thing they can never understand, two lost souls finding their place within time and space, their place will forever bookmark the pages of all history, throw out all the books of the ages, there is a new book in town, it is Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary, and we are leaving our circles on the sands of time…


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