If You Really Can Communicate With The Dead, Please Talk To Me

Jan 17,2020 Diary entry: Paulie has written previously about his experience going to a spiritualist meeting where we all sat in a circle and this medium lady dealt out tarot cards and spoke to the dead, Paule thought she was half fake but he is willing to see this medium once more, actually she’s about a medium and a half, which is no big deal because Paulie’s ladies always said I seem to whittle them down until they need therapy to regain any little shred of self esteem that they can get, so anyway, what better place to take a date that can talk to the dead than The Floating Fish Bar and Grill, the Floating Fish is usually pretty dead around midweek, anyway, that will be our exotic destination for love, our enchanting love ship will dock at Kim Eel Dung’s fabulous Sand Bar where we will indulge in Oriental cocktails made famous by Kim’s cousin back in Singapore; after this intriguing exotica, we shall enter into our dinghy and paddle over to our awaiting booth of excitement and adventure where we shall indulge our senses in a seafood extravaganza that people of the mainland cannot begin to understand, Paulie shall gaze into dark eyes in which harbor lights glimmer and dance, Paulie will see the reflections of things past, a young Paulie’s life will return from the dead and it will dance as it did so long ago, if this lady can indeed speak to the dead, then we shall regale each other far into the night, far into the outer expanse of what the world calls sanity, sanity and reason be damned, we sail tonight for the seven seas, seven times around the world, we may never return, we shall kiss our families goodbye, we shall leave our possessions at home, and we shall sail at sunup to discover unknown lands that heave and ache for that one perfect love that is only talked about and never seen, I think this could be the perfect match, a semi-dead Paulie and a medium, a match made in heaven, we shall see my dear readers, we shall see, shalom…


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