Code Your Love For Me

Jan 14, 2020-Diary entry: Parlez vous en code? Dis moi que tu m’aimes dans un sens nos ancetres Jamais su, Paulie desires what the world can never understand, what those on the outside don’t know, Paulie wants what you know, he wants your coded messages of love, he desires words unknown to the common man, he desires love that was coded in the ancient books written before time began, let’s party number nine, find our line, do it one more time, viens avec Paulie, prendre sa main, il d’esire votre entreprise, we shall sing the day away as if the world were our song, we shall sing our song like the springtime birds sing in a language only they understand, in our own special love code that only we can know, only we can hear, a love hidden from the outside world, a deep love hidden within us as if we were the watery sea bed which no one has ever explored, the depth of our love is as deep as the earth itself, it is as the earth, stationary and immovable, built on ancient pillars that were formed before time was formed, our love is old and it is new, our love was past and it is future, we shall fly beyond the place where stars were formed, we shall land in dark places and illuminate them with the brilliance of our combined being, we are two bright blazing suns in one, our wings will never weaken, they will never stop moving, they temper the flames of our fiery passion, that if left unchecked, would devour all things with their consuming tongues of fire, come sail with Paulie on the flaming clouds, the heavens await my dear, grab the smokes and the cooler, we’re off…


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