Who Do You Trust

Diary entry: Hey, Paulie here, I’m not sure I quite understand all the things in this mixed up world we live in, one thing I could never understand was why cosmetics companies have to test their products on animals, why do they need to put eye makeup and lipstick on a goat anyway, do they compare the beauty of goats to real women, maybe these freaks put the makeup on the boy goats, I don’t put anything past these people during this time we live in, what the hell is “sassooning” anyway, goat language for “I am so intoxicated by your scent, is it new?”, “Let’s have drinks and see where the evening leads”, I don’t trust any of these bastards, I remember words a very wise old man told a young Paulie many years ago, “Little Paulie, your trust will be your downfall in the years to come”, “Trust no man”, “All men wish to shoot you out of the sky with their cannons of deceit”, “Fly high like the wary buzzard, and only drop down to feed on roadside carcasses when you know the way is clear”, “Wicked men travel the roadways seeking that which they may run over with smoke belching chariots of rusted steel”, “They lash slaughtered deer on their hoods for ornamentation, they park in front of taverns and regale others of how they brought down a noble animal with only six slugs as they guzzle beer and shots like they were Hirohito downing shuki’s of Saki after Pearl Harbor”, so forgive Paulie if he hates people you love, the wise old man said, “Your trust will be your downfall”, you can ignore his words, as he didn’t speak to you, he spoke to little Paulie and Paulie is a listener, so listen my loved ones, Paulie’s speeding chariot of love bears down on you, stand still so I can hit you square, I bid you love and shalom, to the rest of you, Paulie says go to the ditch, better yet, go to hell…


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