Wet Behind The Years

Diary entry: Paulie has been under the water so long he has gotten all soft, clear through, he feels as if all his guts have merged into one big gloppy mishmash of unintelligible gray matter that is giving his brain a run for it’s money, the Saki was cold and wetter than usual last night at Panda Express, an especially delightful Oriental waitress cared for Paulie’s needs throughout the evening, she was tall, pretty, dark haired and she was attentive in some indescribable way that made me think she was just the spice for Paulie’s butter flied eel nuggets, they have become pretty bland over the years, but they are still willing to swim if the water temperature is right, the ocean isn’t too rough, and the undertow is kept at a minimum, Paulie’s little ship doesn’t sail as it did in younger days when he skipped over the waves at high speed while towing a pair of tall, pretty, dark haired mermaids behind him on slalom boards while our present year’s Lake Trout Queen squeezed lemon in my martini as she squeezed my arm and screamed “Faster Paulie, faster”, yeah, Paulie doesn’t look it, but on the water he was called King Salmon, he was The Flying Fish who knew no bounds, Paulie swam high and he flew high out of the water, when Paulie was done with his lady fish, the bounding main was left flat, and the wind was knocked out of the sky, well, this is Paulie, here at Panda Express, calling out to his beautiful dark haired, dark eyed waitress, “More Saki”, and he calls out to his family, “More love and shalom my dear ones”, to the rest of you, Paulie calls out the usual soggy “Go to hell”…


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