Try It Before You Deny It

Diary entry: People these days are quick to reject anything which falls outside their twisted convoluted belief pack, if it isn’t within the mind cupboard, it is foreign and shouldn’t be allowed inside the wall, everything from the other side is meant to hurt us, we close off all thought and we hug onto the few stupid cartoon teachings from our childhood, I’m surprised more adult people haven’t choked on their baby blankets by now, anyway, people also reject food without a thought, look, if you don’t taste it, how do you know it’s not good, just because a bucket of slimy eels don’t look good, how do you know you wouldn’t like eating them, they may just taste like a MacDonald’s hamburger, or those one sea things, urchins, or some such thing, where you crack them open and you actually eat their most personal part, Paulie was taught at a very young age to taste new food before he said he didn’t like it, that’s how the big kids got me to eat worms and moths, and one time, a dead mouse, well, Paulie grew older and wiser, when he reached the age of six or seven he wasn’t stupid, when at the supper table he was offered beets and he refused instantly, when he heard those words “How do you know you don’t like it if you don’t taste it first”, Paulie replied, “I’m not falling for that shit again”…


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