Lesbians And Irishmen

Diary entry: Hey somebody, please, please, please help me, I am totally confused, can some one please tell me how a man can become a lesbian, I just don’t get it, people these days are either playing mind games with us or the world just dropped it’s collective mind into the sea, and I don’t mean they lost their minds on the beach somewhere, no, they dropped their shit overboard from some deep-water exploration vessel like the navy uses after receiving reports of that one sea monster which was, in reality, a simple conjure of superstitious Irishmen who probably were hallucinating images of their wives, anyway, there isn’t much to do in Ireland except bet on the horses and wish you had never married one, their beer must be really strong or their minds are weak, anyway, we were saving this one for St. Patrick’s Day, but I think we will have other things on our minds by then, Paulie wishes his usual warm wishes to his people, a warm “Shalom”; to the rest of you, Paulie wishes a hot “Go to hell”…


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