Not Finely Aged

Diary entry: This whole age thing has been coming up repeatedly recently, it seems there is a law that states a seventeen year old girl will always say she’s eighteen, and that a twenty year old girl will always say she’s twenty one, well, I gotta think about this one, I can only speak of my own experience as a young man, when I was fifteen I told the ladies I was nineteen, when I was nineteen I told the ladies I was twenty three, when I was twenty three I told the ladies I was thirty six, anyway, after I got over maybe about fifty, I began saying I was thirty nine, maybe people are like souffles, they inflate and puff up when they are young and rising, then when they reach a certain height of glory, the harsh world slams it’s oven door and we fall into a flattened-out state of useless pudding at the bottom of the pan and we are fed to the dogs, I think life is too complicated as it is without worrying about age this and age that, it is quite possible that there are really only two ages when you break the whole thing down, the first age is you’re alive, and the second age is you are dead, well, this is ageless Paulie shouting out in his loudest voice, an ear piercing shalom to my dear ones, and Paulie has another ear piecing shout for the rest of you, go to hell…


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