Flippin’ Burgers And The Assistant Manager

Diary entry: Hey everybody, Paulie here, wanting to give a little shout out to all you people who work flipping, packaging, and selling hamburgers, and the many mundane tasks that go along with it, Paulie once worked in a hamburger joint also, and he knows how demanding the public can be at times, one day a man came to my counter wanting a refund on his burger because it didn’t look like the one on television, I told him I wasn’t authorized to refund his money for that particular reason, but if it looked like our fry man Sammy spit on it, I was authorized to give him a refund, or if it looked like our french fry girl blew boogers on it, I was authorized to give a refund, or if our drink kid took a bite out of it, I could give him a refund, but I did not have authorization to refund his money because it looked different than the one on television, so I gave him a two page form to fill out, and the address of our home office, and wished him a good rest of his day and told him to come back, I could see as he crossed the parking lot towards his car, he turned and gave me the finger, the only advice Paulie has for hamburger workers, I think, is, work with your customers to the best of your ability and to the fullest extent to which you are authorized, shalom…


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