Signs Of The Times

Diary entry: Hey, it’s Paulie again, the world is changing my friend, changing hard, and the world is trying to warn us, the woolly worms on the railroad track this year were wearing raccoon coats, the caribou on their yearly migration were wearing cross country skis, and the geese, the geese have been flying extremely low in the sky this year, they have been honking extremely loud, in a honking cacophony of garbled words and phrases, in some confused and scrambled code like the code you and your friend used when you passed notes to each other back in school, it seems the world is crying out a nervous staccato exhortation about an invisible approaching thing, or maybe it is simply something else, were the woolly worms simply making a fashion statement, were the caribou simply trying something new, and was Paulie confusing the geese code with the one that me and my friend used when we plotted our many innocent and childlike schemes, what exactly can we be sure of these days, or can we be sure of nothing, well, as Paulie keeps his ear to the ground and his eye to the sky, this is Paulie out here, saying there is only one sure thing in this detached, twisted and crooked world, Paulie’s love for you is straight and true, shalom…


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