No Joke

Diary entry: Hello, it’s Paulie again, here, take one of my business cards, it says “If you read Paulie Gee’s Realtime Diary and you don’t laugh, you’re dead”, and that is not a threat, it’s a solid promise, so get up off your grim deadpan ass , come on over here and laugh, do it now, “Do it!”, “Do it now!”, we have strong smoke, strong drink, and strong jokes; every night customers get thrown out for overindulging, they laugh heartily as they are thrown out into the street because of their uncontrolled raucous giggling, join us as we chug down humor like it was the last punchline in the championship heavyweight title bout, and we become so punchline drunk that we belch and barf out belly laughs until we are sick of the whole world, except for the continual running gags that no one but us get, the world’s jokes are not for the fainthearted or the faint of mind, strong jokes are only for the strong, so put on your fleece exercise outfit and hit the gym, your funny bone is out of shape, strengthen that humor bone, get it in condition like it was meant to be, and join us for marathon jokes that never run out, we hope to see you here soon…


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