The Way I Remember It

Diary entry: Hey everybody, it’s Paulie here, I’ve been watching “Jeopardy” again for some reason, actually, the TV was on as I was in the kitchen cutting copious amounts of fat off of a store bought chicken , I think this chicken was fed too much beer and barbecued ribs with cherry cream cheese dessert, anyway, Paulie received quite a shock this morning when he awoke from his usual fitful slumber, he found his last case of Bordeaux in the root cellar, his last good friend in the world, was this the end of all things as we are constantly being told, we knew the end was near but this may be it, this may be the final sign of Paulie’s end time nightmare when he wakes up in a cold sweat with pillow feathers in his hair, a cold steel sensation in his gut, and the grueling thought he may have to start drinking a modest huckleberry wine from the drums out in the aging shed, anyway, back to “Jeopardy”, the question, or answer, whatever, was something about the Death Head Hawk Moth, his usual pursuits in life, his likes and dislikes, who the hell cares, well, the thing is, Paulie was at one time referred to as the Great Death Head Hawk Moth who flew whenever and wherever he wished, no one could seek out and capture Paulie, no, Paulie did the capturing in those days, Paulie, the great and powerful Death Head Hawk Moth sought out his weak victims, the pretty little silkworms were what Paulie desired, and they were his for the choosing, Paulie chose them as the high flying buzzard chooses which wet soupy carcass by the roadside he will devour next, Paulie chose his delectable little silkworm lovelies like a potato farmer chooses his best tubers for Sunday dinner, a young Hawk Moth Paulie picked and chose his way through life and he did things his way and only his way, his way was the only way, and the world around him knew it, Hawk Moth Paulie flew high and wide, and his nest stretched across the sky and it rolled like thunder across the plains, beckoning pretty little prey larvae everywhere “Come inside my little darlings”, “My warm and inviting nest awaits your company”, yeah, the days were better back then, that’s the way I remember it anyway, well, shalom my people, I wish you good things always, my good wishes belong to you, again, shalom…


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